Guangdong Silk Group Fortune Co., Ltd

About Us

Guangdong Silk Group Fortune Co., Ltd. was established in 1987 which is located at 155HuanCheng road east, PanYu District, GuangZhouChina.As one of the holding companies under the Guangdong Silk-Tex Group, which is astate-owned large-scale enterprise of Guangdong Province.With nearly twenty years of pioneering operations and advancement, this companyhas laid a solid foundation for the future development of its business inindustry and trade.

Guangdong Silk Group Fortune Co., Ltd. runs a wide range of business including the importand export of all kinds of commodities and technologies. The Company hasdeveloped trade relationship with 86 countries and regions around the world andits annual trade volume reaches 80 million US dollars. With an excellent teamof professionals in international trade which including the merchandiser,development and quality control team, we have the capability that is developed,produced and controlled with the product. We have a few special cooperativefactories with knit and woven, which always improved production process followthe world textile trend for offered the better product to client for years.

 Guangdong Silk Group Fortune Co., Ltd. promotes “pioneering, passion, renovation and devotion” asits entrepreneurship and takes “legality, honesty, fairness and mutual-benefit”as its code of practice. We sincerely hope and welcome all the friends both athome and abroad to join us for exchange and cooperation in any trade andtechnology business.

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